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Discover How You Can Improve Communication, Access To Documents, and Collaboration In Your Condo, So Owners are Informed and Happy, Work Is Completed On Time, and You Spend Less Time In Board Meetings!

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This is what some users have to say about GeniePad :)

Your product has vastly improved the quality of our building and without it I probably would have stopped being a condo board member years ago.

Alex Daraseng - Condo Board Member

Alex Daraseng

Board member

GeniePad's service was exactly what were were looking for, right when we needed it. Our strata now has a place for the members of our community to get all the news and information they need, as well as access our documents safely and securely. The team at GeniePad has been extremely helpful and always there to lend a hand with set-up, taking into account our specifics needs, and all in a remarkably timely fashion.

Erik deJong - Condo Board Member

Erik deJong

Unit Owner and Board Member

Moved into the Cosmopolitan roughly April 11' and glad that there was a site to visit. Definitely helps a lot in knowing what's going on/in the building and what to watch out for. Slowly trying to figure out the interface of the site, like all other sites/software, but once you get used to moving/navigating in and around, its pretty simple and straight forward. Definitely met my expectations for a high rise building that has been functioning since its incorporation.

David Palaypay - Condo Board Member

David Palaypay

Owner & Past Board Member
The Cosmopolitan

We're really happy that our condominium went with the GeniePad online website. We own and rent our unit located in Edmonton. The online information and access keeps us in the information loop that much quicker instead of waiting for any paper mail, which can be redundant by the time it's received.
Here's another example of how this can keep owners and tenants informed: The building was recently broken into and some minor thefts occurred, however with our ability to type a quick message to inform the Board, this in turn was sent out to the GeniePad as a crime alert and advised all residents and owners and a great crime prevention tool to provide some simple tips to prevent being victimized. Win win for everyone!

Condo Board Member

Rob and Jessica Hickey


I love receiving the latest news regarding the building through GeniePad. We can ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner, and share information privately. It keeps me up to speed with special events and also with information that may be of concern to me. If I need general information about the building I can go to the website without bothering others. This is an enviro-friendly way to send and receive information. I hope we continue using GeniePad. I am going to suggest it to the board for a condo I own in a different area.

Linda McDougall - Condo Owner

Linda McDougall

The Century

GeniePad has been a great form of communication to use within our building and condo board. I like the approach of going "paperless" and omitting flyers to communicate with. This also helps keep a clean looking entry and lobby within the building. Waterside Estates has a large number of young professionals living in it and using a program like GeniePad has been the perfect form of technology for us to keep one another connected.

Bridgette Jarosch - Condo Owner

Bridgette Jarosch


GeniePad is more than a traditional condo, strata, or HOA website.
This is why...

News and documents screenshot

A better way to keep everyone informed

Create a news announcement and every resident is notified immediately. Reduce the countless phone calls and e-mails on the same issue while providing a great service to your residents. Everyone wants to be in the loop and be aware of what is happening in their community.

Automatic notifications

GeniePad is more powerful than a simple website. Residents don't need to visit the portal to know what is happening in their community. When you add content to GeniePad everyone in your community is notified automatically!

Condo communication and notifications
Condominium Secure Portal

Secure access

All your information is behind a secure login. Before a resident can access your portal they will need to create an account and be approved. This way only legitimate users will have access to your documents and more. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) comes as a standard with every account. We keep your information and data safe and secure. That's what the banks use! 

Keep track of active tasks

How would you feel if the board or property manager was able to view the status of any tasks on their own? Without having to call or e-mail you for updates? How about keeping track of all these tasks in one place without referring back to those sticky notes and notepads? The board could be in the know at all times which would make your meetings quick and effective. Would that save you countless hours each month? 

Condo task and work management
Message forum for condominiums and classifieds screenshot

Access to important information

Would it be great if everyone had access to the latest minutes, policies, or bylaws? Well, now they can have this information at their fingertips. It's accessible at their leisure. The board and property manager can also store documents only accessible to them, like contracts, financial statements, and more. No more digging through file cabinets when you need to provide documents to new residents or board members.

Quick and simple communication

Do you have a question or need to make a decision where resident feedback could help? Like what gym equiment to replace? Start a conversation with your residents, let them help you gather information and provide feedback so you can make a quicker and better decision. Residents will start helping each other with advice and suggestions when they can communicate, saving you time by reducing the amount of requests, emails, and calls!

Condo message forum
Condominium communication tracking and administration

Track all resident messages

Experiencing e-mail overload? With GeniePad you can store and track all resident messages. You can also create tasks, assign them to a board member, manager or staff, discuss it with the board or property manager in private, and send the resident a message with the outcome. All from one central location!

Book your amenities

Are you managing all the bookings for amenities? Receiving an inquiry from a resident, checking availability, and replying back? What if you could make this process automatic? Residents will be able to view each amenities availability, any associated fees, details, and book it on-line. You can also specify which bookings require an approval from the board or manager.

Condo amenity booking
Condo owner tracking

Resident information

Quick and convenient access to your resident's information. Residents are able to update their own contact information when it changes thus you can have the most recent phone number or mailing address.

Public website

With GeniePad you also get a public website for your condo, strata, co-op, or HOA. You don't need to have any technical knowledge, or hire a web designer, to administer your website. Adding new content is as simple as writing an e-mail. You will be able to add web pages based on your needs and requirements and change the design by selecting from one of our many website themes.

Condo website
Condominium Calendar


Would you like to keep everyone in your community informed of upcoming events? How about schedule recurring reminders to replace the water filter, or perhaps carpet cleaning? Possibilites are endless!

SMS Messaging

There is no quicker way to notify everyone in your community! Is there an emergency? Water being shut off? Elevator is down? The garage door is broken? Send an instant SMS/Text message to every resident's cell phone at once!

Phone and SMS Text messaging in condominiums