Convenient Information Access And Document Security With Secure Condo Communication Portals

Are you seeking a suitable condominium to settle in? What makes you think that the one you have chosen is indeed the most suitable one for your use?

Unfortunately, condominiums are chosen with an eye to their location, space, offered features, availability of amenities and price, only. While all these factors are of immense importance to the residents of a condo property, there are a few other considerations which should also be ascertained before making a final choice. 

Condo properties are supervised and maintained by board and association members, who are responsible for all repair and maintenance work, along with the upgrade of all the basic amenities. In order to remain in contact with the concerned board members it is essential to have a condo portal system which ensures easy access and means of communication between the condo residents and the board members. 

An efficient condo portal ensures easy reach to the responsible individuals, while communicating the needs and issues of condo residents for immediate maintenance action. Without an effective portal, problems and issues are sure to pile up, making the lives of condo residents a hassle and burdening the members with an ever increasing pile of work to be done. 

The most basic reason for the discomfort of a condo resident is the problem they face in trying to get a pressing property issue solved within a suitable time frame. With no suitable means of communication, both condo residents and board members are unable to communicate their problems and are at standstill at what to do. Portal tool systems are an answer to all this mess.

Not only do these tools ensure easy communication of problems, issues and suggestions, they also serve as a convenient means for access to important information. Condo residents can easily update their current information on the portal, and share them with the board members for their use. Board and association members can easily access the current information of residents for their management use. With efficient portal systems, uploading latest information is as easy as one, two, three, while gaining access to it by board members is also an easy task. No long and tedious work involved in trying to update a system or inform the authorities about a change in email address or contact number. 

For board members security of certain documents and association related information is of extreme importance. In trying to keep the condo residents informed of any change in policies or amenity provision, board members are always a little hesitant as they fear the access of unauthorized individuals to the important property documents. A portal system which ensures security is just the thing that condo board members need to easily share the condo details with the residents with no fear of any unauthorized access or leakage of vital information. 

Most efficient portals offer a security feature which limits unauthorized access of secured documents by anyone other than the board members and the condo residents. This makes it easy to share important information and documents with no associated risk or fear of any lapse in security. 

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Thursday, September 25 2014

Love Thy Neighbor – Be Receptive And Considerate Towards Their Problems Through A Condo Portal

Some people say that there is a greater affinity towards neighbors when one is living in a condo. There is a higher chance of people coming together as a community when they are living in the same building. Sure, there is always the argument that people living in bungalows also have great relations with their neighbors but that sense of duty that comes with sharing one building is more so there when living in a condo.

People living in condos share not only the building, but the amenities and utilities that come with them. They share the same visual and audible space and are also responsible for each other’s comfort. If your music is too loud, you will disturb your neighbors. If your bathroom has seepage, the neighbor below your floor will have leakage. If you park your car wrong, you are probably intruding in your neighbor’s parking space, and if your kid hits the neighbor’s kid, then well, you might need to face the police. Point is, lives of condo residents are more dependent on each other than they would like. And it does not matter if you have an introverted personality, you will have to compromise, cooperate and even coordinate.

Election of the condo board is highly important. One needs to choose these individuals very carefully because their quality of work will determine your lifestyle in the condo. Thus, one needs to ensure that only the most competent people are elected, and it would be better if they come from varied backgrounds. A person from real estate, another from law, and a third from property management will do a great job looking after the building. Throw in a finance expert as treasurer and you have the dream team running the condo affairs. Elect the wrong people and you will have all your complaints unanswered and life equivalent to living in a prison.

One another way of ensuring that all condo matters are dealt with properly is through a condo portal. One online system to contain, archive, track and notify all condo related matters is a great investment. How easy it would be to file a complaint at the click of a button as and when you encounter it. No more waiting to get that feedback form and then getting it filed so that when the board sits on Saturday, they can review it and take another week to fix it. All your bills will come to you and its schedule and history archived for you. It would be much more convenient to look after these amenities without all that grubby paperwork involved.

All the residents can give their input over condo matters through this online portal since everyone can have access to it. Cost sharing will allow affordability for everyone and great convenience. People would be more willing to get involved in solving condo matters if the process is easy. Otherwise, why would anyone care to go through the hassle unless and until the problem becomes their’s?

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Tuesday, September 23 2014

The Psychological Aspects of Living in a Strata Community

While diving into the real estate market, it is essential for you to keep in mind exactly what you’re out looking for. You will find multiple types of properties according to your taste, budget, requirements, and temperament; whether it is a single-family household, or a strata community which offers you a completely different lifestyle.

A strata is a group of complexes or a particular complex where you can own an entire portion. This is generally termed as a LOT. In simpler terms, a strata scheme is living in a system of multiple or joint ownership complexes. The property on which this scheme is located is typically referred to as a strata community, in the sense that it is a platform which brings together several families and individuals together where they can co-own mutually held properties and share particular places.

There are several factors that determine your experience of living in a strata community, such as your understanding of the by-laws, insurance payment, levies, and your general concept regarding life in common properties, but these are all merely physical aspects. One factor that most people tend to look out on is the Psychological aspect of living in a strata community.

Living in a strata community essentially requires you to be of a particular mentality. Simply put, you need to be:

  • A people’s person 
  • An enthusiast for group activities
  • Responsible individual when it comes to dealing with a common purpose 

Once you adjust your mindset to these requirements, your time in a strata community will be a fantastic experience. Not only do you get to live among a community, but you also get to know and communicate with people coming from various backgrounds.

There are a variety of amenities and facilities available in a strata community, such as recreational center, swimming pool, etc. Being an independent homeowner, you are unlikely to avail all these benefits as compared to living in a strata community. Apart from that, the community has something to offer for everyone. People working from home, retired individuals, as well as children, all get a chance to spend their leisure time in various group activities if they find likeminded people to befriend.

Of course, as an owner of a building’s portion, it is your responsibility to look after the development and maintenance of areas which are under your common property. All of this workload is shared by the owner’s corporation which consists of the residents themselves, and therefore, the job becomes much easier.

There are indeed a few downsides to living in a strata community. Firstly, it takes time for all the people coming from differing backgrounds to come to the same page. Apart from that, for first time owners the task becomes all the while challenging due to all the nuances of the community. Though, these issues are just temporary and can be dealt with easily. The various advantages that a strata community has to offer are undeniable, and balance out these initial hindrances.

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Wednesday, September 17 2014

Bringing Your Condominium Community Together

People of all ages tend to choose the condo lifestyle for various reasons. For a condo project to prosper, it is in the best interest to design and explore ways to bring the condo community together.

It does not matter whether your complex has a community garden, pool or gym in its design, some of the possibilities to initiate and build constructive social relationships can be:

  • Organizing book swaps
  • Arranging free car washes
  • Hosting a game/movie night
  • Collaborating with others on events connected to local arts organizations or other social networks
  • Holding a community yard sale
  • Having brunch together every Sunday or cooking barbecues

Of course, a lot of this is time consuming and needs energetic people willing to volunteer to organize it. There’s no forcing anybody to do it, because incentives aside, people also need common interests to get along with others.

How to keep your community informed?

For home-owners/tenants of condos in your complex, you need to invest in making them a part of the bigger project. They need to be brought together in the company of their neighbors in the complex to promote a healthy environment.

It is not an easy task to have everyone connected to everybody else.

1. Bulletin Boards

One way to have their attention is to have a condominium bulletin board for any announcements, daily updates, and schedules of events etc. People who like to do so can make it creative with a DIY approach. They can also manage individual domains such as one person can schedule weekly meetings while another can arrange some other social activity; taking turns among themselves. Electronic bulletin boards are a great solution.

2. Social Media

Another interesting way is to make a page/group on social media such as Facebook or even a Google group where you can invite all members to join and keep them posted on everything. You may also ask them to contribute suggestions or improvements they would like to see. They can also talk about any issues they may be facing.

An additional advantage to this would be marketing to other potential customers for your condo project. They could have access to your newsletters and other projects and amenities that you provide. One drawback with social media is that there is a lot of news out there. News that may get lost. So it would be in the condominiums best interest to have an internal private communication portal.

3. Web Portal

A more suitable way of keeping your residents up-to-date with news and other collaborative meetings is to do it on a web portal. That way, you would know for sure that the information has been communicated. It would also personalize their access to it.

Condos are structured to bring people together and tend to create a closer-knit community. It may not be everyone’s lifestyle but if they have bought one, then it is safe to assume they are inclined to live this way. It would be possible to bring a condo community together through a participatory and collaborative process that also serves their needs.

Thursday, September 11 2014

Responsibilities of a Condo Board President

A condo board consists of directors and officers. Directors are those members that are elected by the owners of units themselves, while the officers are people appointed by the board to carry out certain duties.

The minimum requirement of a condo board is to have three officers: a president, a secretary and a treasurer, either of the officers can take on two roles, for example, a president can be a treasurer or a secretary can be a treasurer.

The president is the leader of the board and is responsible for overlooking the affairs of the corporation. This position comes with an immense responsibility and he or she officially speaks for the board and association as a whole. They are required to establish certain goals for the association and ensure that the condo runs successfully.

As a leader, a condo board president presides over all the meetings – whether board meetings, special meetings or annual meetings.

The president is also responsible for:

Communicating Efficiently 

It is the president’s responsibility to communicate effectively with other board members between board meetings, the contractors who are selected to do a particular action on the complex or the unit owners.  

The president must be aware of the latest happenings in the building, such as the status of projects, the amount of finances, etc.

Overseeing Daily Operations

The board president responsibilities include running the condo efficiently and are required to consult with professionals such as accountants, contractors and attorneys. In certain situations, the president may be required to make quick decisions on behalf of the board – therefore it is essential for him or her to be aware of the mindset of other board members as well as the current happenings in the complex.

Handling an Emergency

In case of any natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes, the board president is required to be present to deal with the situation, carry out the emergency response plan and comfort the unit owners in general. People look up to a leader for answers and encouragement.

Representing All Stakeholders

Whenever a major decision is to be taken, the president is responsible for the opinions of all the stakeholders.  This could be accomplished through formal or informal surveys.

Preparing for Meetings

The president is the main person responsible for highlighting the issues faced by a condo; therefore, carrying out proper preparations for the board meeting and discussing those issues at the board meeting rests on their shoulders.

Running Board Meetings

Most of the work is carried out between the meetings.  The actions taken between these meetings are then discussed at the meetings and they can affect the amount of respect a president receives from the board members.  The status of current projects, current financial situation of the condo funds and any future projects are to be discussed and proper minutes taken.  Approving these minutes is also the responsibility of the board.

The position of a condo board president is not for everyone; the responsibilities and accountability are immense, but fortunately, a president has a condo board for support.  As long as the president has the right aims and goals for running the condo, their job can be very rewarding indeed.



Tuesday, June 24 2014

Improve Residential Management via Condominium Portals

One way to provide condominium residents with improved facilities is to perk up the management. While there are several ways to do so, a relatively modern and technology-oriented solution is condominium portal.  

What are Condominium Portals?

Condominium portals refer to a customized live forum, designed to facilitate interaction between the management and residents. These portals provide secure access to all the condominium community members, so they can inform the management board easily about their problems, communicate with each other and give suggestions for improvements.  Once purchased, these portals can be administered by the condominium management board.

How can Condo Portals Improve Management?

Here are some of the ways in which condo communities can enjoy improved residential style by using condo portals:

1. Elect Management Board

Residents can elect the members of condo association. They can conduct a live polling session on the portal, through which they can choose a competent and efficient management. Condo portals provide an easy-to-access platform to communities and management board to interact with each other. This will provide the elected management an opportunity to fulfill the expectations of residents and provide them with improved facilities. 

2. Register Complains

Communities can bring into the notice of management the problems they are facing. Often the miscommunication among management board members leads to the delay in resolving issues. However, through condo portals, residents can address the right management official.

3. Discuss Problems

Condo portals are not only designed to bridge the interaction gap between management and residents, but it is also an effective tool for connecting communities. People can discuss their issues with each other, share pictures and documents. As purchased portals cannot be accessed by an unregistered user, it is an extremely secure platform to exchange personal information. 

4. Inform about Emergency Plans

Condo portals allow management to send communities notifications about emergency and development plans. For example, management can inform residents about the emergency plans and safety measures to be taken in case of distastes and mishaps. GeniePad for example also gives you the ability to type out a message and send it to all residents via SMS/Text or by automatically calling all residents on your behalf.

5. Maintenance Programs

Association members can post news about system maintenance or preventive maintenance programs to residents. For example, in case of fumigation, insulation or paint, the management can inform residents to evacuate their condos. 

6. Regulate Condo Laws

Condo portals can also serve the purpose of centrally administered notice boards through which the association can educate communities about the rules and regulations which must be followed. Moreover, residents can also be informed about the penalties for breaking laws. 

7. Develop Plans

Management can ask the residents to provide feedback about the services and ask them to give suggestions for improvement. These suggestions can be used to plan strategically according to the expectations of residents.  

Purchasing a customized portal for condo not only provides residents an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, but also assists condo association and management to plan strategically for development and maintenance.  All you have to do is purchase an account and your portal is ready to use. 

Wednesday, June 18 2014