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If you're ready to finally improve things at your condo, then you've come to the right place.

My FREE Book - "The Condo Board Survival Guide" - reveal exactly how you can keep all owners informed and happy, and make sure work is completed on time so you spend less time in board meetings and overcome missed deadlines, unproductive meetings, and complaints from your condo owners.

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A condominium is just like a business. You have to make decision, allocate funds for renovations and purchases, manage employees, oversee various projects, and more.


Most Condo Board Members do not have any prior experience as a board member. Most volunteer with hopes to make things better in their condo association. Instead of making a difference, they show up to meetings clueless and don' know what their responsibilities or duties are. Just sitting there and nodding. Running a condo corporation is like running a non-profit business. In order to succeed You need to know what you are doing!

This book is for new and veteran board members. Becoming a condominium board member can be a rewarding experience. It can be fulfilling if you know what your responsibilities are, how to run meetings, how to manage people, and how to make those hard decision.

All Condo Board Members want to do their best, but not all know how to make it happen or what steps to take to make it happen.



This book will help you become a Better and More Educated Condominium Board Member

It will cover topics that every condo board member should be familiar with. You will receive enough information and education so you feel comfortable in attending meetings, speaking, starting discussions, make the proper decisions, create proper procedures, and won’t always depend on your condo board or property manager. 



  • Responsibilities of the Condominium Board (Page 4)
  • Responsibilities of Board Positions (Page 8)
  • How To Run Successful Meetings (Page 23)
  • How To Manage and Track Work Requests (Page 45)
  • How To Keep Your Owners Informed (Page 51)
  • How To Create A Strong and Supportive Community (Page 75)
  • How To Create Procedures and Policies (Page 92)
  • And more...



Rafal Dyrda has been serving on The Board Of Directors at The Cosmopolitan since 2007. Two of those years as Vice President and two as President. He volunteers his time as a Board Member at The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), an institution which educates 100’s of Condominium Board Members every year. His company, GeniePad, helps 100’s of condominiums across Canada and The United States improve communication, access to information, and collaboration within their association.