How To Create an Effective Condominium Website, HOA Website, or Association Website

This is a question I have been asked numerous times by condominium board members. Regardless of whether the condominium is located in Vancouver or Halifax.

How A Communication Portal Makes Your Condo Life Better

The great thing about a communication portal is that it makes sure all the residents know whatever the management might want to impart.

Why Condo Residents Need a Communication Portal?

A communication portal is the secret to effective communication between condo board and condo residents, because it makes it easier for the residents to reach the condo board to convey their messages, complaints, and queries.

Sharing is Caring - Stay in Contact with your Neighborhours via a Condo Portal

Innovative condominium portal technology tools can also help users overcome communication barriers and allow residents to interact with each other.

Securing Condo Portals - Connect Securely to Condo Communities

As customized portals allow users to communicate with each other via various methods it is very important to select a portal that allows secure access through SSL.

Bringing Your Condominium Community Together

You need to invest in making them a part of the bigger project. They need to be brought together in the company of their neighbors...