SMS Notifications - New GeniePad feature coming!

SMS NOTIFICATIONS - Our condo, strata, and hoa communication portal can send automatic sms notifications informing of emergencies and more!

Monthly Condo, HOA, and Strata community newsletters.

A simple monthly newsletter for the community. It doesn’t only take lot of hard work to create such newsletters every month but it is also an additional burden to your HOA, strata, or condo community.

The Evolution of GeniePad

Think of this video as a living organism. Constantly evolving. That is what software development is. We add a little bit of functionality, test it, wait for your feedback, and if everyone is happy we release it to every single condo building using GeniePa

New GeniePad feature - Tasks are live!

Tasks are now live on Come check out the tutorial video to take full advantage of this new feature.

Updates to Dashboard

Updates to GeniePad condo portal software makes seeing new updates quicker and easier for condo board members and condo and property managers.

Updates to resident and user submitted messages

Managing owner and resident condo and HOA communications get much simpler and easier with GeniePad's condo portal software.