Condominium Safety and Security

Safety is one of the key features of a condominium living. One of the reasons why so many families opt for a condo is that they feel secure in a condo.

Centralized Communication with Condo, HOA and Co-op Residents

There is no denying the fact that effective communication is critical to successful management.

What Do Condominium Fees Pay For

This monthly fee is utilized for any development or maintenance purpose at the condo. Here we discuss what condo fees are and what they cover.

How to Hire a Good Condo Property Manager

A property manager is entrusted with the task of collecting common condo fees, keeping the operating records of the condo, responding to any complaints from owners and monitoring and hiring service companies.

Information you should include in your condo or strata meeting minutes

Sample template for your condomium board meeting minutes or strata council meeting minutes.

What Are Condo Board and Strata Council Meetings For?

What are condo board or strata council meetings held for? Stop guessing and find out what happens at and during these meetings.