Reserve Fund Studies - What Are They?

A Reserve Fund Study is a document that assesses all of the common property and the current funding of a condominium corporation.
Wednesday, January 14 2015

Common Problems Condo Boards Face and How They Can Be Resolved

If you are thinking about joining a condo board, then knowing the most common challenges faced by condominium boards will help you out considerably.
Monday, January 12 2015

Buying Condos - A Guide for First Time Home Buyers

If you are thinking of purchasing a condominium unit, you must be well aware of the fact that condos are among the trending real estate properties.
Thursday, October 16 2014

Four Questions You Must Have Answers to Before You Decide to Sell Your Condo

If you wish to sell your condo townhouse or condo apartment then you need to know that selling this type of property is different as compared to selling a house.
Wednesday, October 08 2014

Condominium Properties: The Manager's Perspective

Condominium boards usually prefer hiring a licensed, professional property management company or manager to look after their everyday tasks.
Friday, October 03 2014

Responsibilities of a Condo Board President

The president is the leader of the board and is responsible for overlooking the affairs of the corporation. This position comes with an immense responsibility.
Tuesday, June 24 2014