Responsibilities of a Condo Board President

The president is the leader of the board and is responsible for overlooking the affairs of the corporation. This position comes with an immense responsibility.
Tuesday, June 24 2014

What Do Condominium Fees Pay For

This monthly fee is utilized for any development or maintenance purpose at the condo. Here we discuss what condo fees are and what they cover.
Tuesday, April 29 2014

What Is The Difference Between Condo, Strata, HOA And Co-Op Associations

People who aren’t aware of the differences between these terms often use them interchangeably. In essence, these terms actually hold a different meaning altogether.
Tuesday, March 25 2014

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Condo Board Treasurer?

The management of finances of the condo board is tasked to a condo board treasurer who is a member of the board of directors and is responsible for overlooking the financial aspects of the association.
Thursday, March 06 2014

How To Manage Special Assessments

The most hated words discussed by Boards or Condominium Managers. The ugly truth is that Special Assessments are becoming more and more common.
Monday, January 20 2014

Best Ways to Communicate Quickly With Condo Owners and Residents

Effective condo communication is the key to success when it comes to running condo boards. A lot of problems develop as a result of a lack of communication between the condo board and the members.
Thursday, January 02 2014