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General Inquiries

I was living in Ontario when I bought my condo at the “Cosmopolitan”. When I started asking questions about the condo (which meant long distance phone calls), I was told about the "GeniePad". It soon became my new best friend as all the questions I had, I no longer had to wait for someone to return my calls, the answers were on the GeniePad web site. Personally I think it is a smart and useful tool for a condo association to communicate with the tenants. All of our minutes are stored on there, so you have no excuse to not be informed. It is a great communication tool for selling items to asking questions of your fellow tenants – all condos should have it!

Lorie - A user of GeniePad - Condo Management Software

Lorie Starrett

The Cosmopolitan

GeniePad is a great web based communication and informational tool for condo associations. It's secure, efficient and most of all easy to use. In today's high tech / informational world, there is such a disconnect within a community such as a condo. GeniePad helps bring that sense of community back in a fun easy to use way. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to solve these challenges.

Shaun, condo management software user

Shaun Guthrie

Former Vice President of the Board

Moved into the Cosmopolitan roughly April 11' and glad that there was a site to visit. Definitely helps a lot in knowing what's going on/in the building and what to watch out for. Slowly trying to figure out the interface of the site, like all other sites/software, but once you get used to moving/navigating in and around, its pretty simple and straight forward. Definitely met my expectations for a high rise building that has been functioning since its incorporation.

David, user of GeniePad's website and communication portal.

David Palaypay

Owner & Board Member
The Cosmopolitan