Do you ask your condo residents for feedback?

Not too long ago as a condo board we needed to upgrade our outdated condominium gym. We spent some time trying to figure out what we really needed to replace, to buy, or get rid off. Well, it's really hard to come to a conclusion with only a handful of board members. Especially when we are trying to make 120 condo owners and renters happy. 

So what would a condominium board usually do? Simple. They would assume that their decision is the right one and do what they feel is right. Replace the current equipment and be done with it. Why? Because it would be too hard or time consuming to ask for feedback. How would they do it? Slide surveys under each door?

We are fortunate enough to use GeniePad as our condo website and communication portal. So the task was quite simple. All we had to do was post a question in our message forum and wait for our resident's feeback.


The feedback came instantly. We knew what we had to replace, remove, and add in a matter of few days. It made our job and decision process quite painless, because we knew exactly what our residents wanted and needed.

If you don't have a tool that can help you in making certain decisions it's time you put something in place. Implement a tool that will help your residents communicate with each other, with the board, or the property manager. Make it seamless and make the communication transparent.

From one condo board member to another... 

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Friday, February 10 2012

Things You Need To Know When You Become A Condo Board Member

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Shaun on February 10 2012 at 12:03 PM says

That is an awesome feature. I wish this feature was around when we lived in our condo. Getting input in a fast and efficient way is key as board members typically only meet every month. You want to make the most of that time.

Love the feature! Keep up the good work!