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Securing Condo Portals - Connect Securely to Condo Communities

Condominium Portal Security

Users often ignore the importance of a secure connection while reviewing a condominium portal. There is not much you can do about public forums, but with customized condo portals you are at liberty to choose according to your preferences. There is no denying the fact that features like chatting, exchanging files, and browsing normal internet is not encrypted. Within a condominium association, information you provide to your owners and residents must not compromise security over other features.

It means that the personal information exchanged by the users, their IPs and their identifications will be protected from external intrusions. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a medium layer which is highly encrypted and protects data to be accessed by any unidentified source. This is something all GeniePad accounts are protected with. The little lock in your address bar just as if you were logging into your bank account.

As customized portals allow users to communicate with each other via various methods it is very important to select a portal that allows secure access through SSL.

Here are some of the advantages of using a SSL certified portal.

1. Authentication

With so many proxy servers operating actively, it is very important to make sure that you are connected to the right server. SSL does not only allow users to enjoy encrypted data transfer but also ensures authentic connection. It means that, users don't need to worry about the server connection while communicating through the portal. Although it is true that a customized condo portal is reserved only for the member of condo community, portal IPs can be hacked. Therefore to avoid so it is very important to choose a server that allows connection through SSL.

2. Personalization

SSL is a data transportation layer designed especially for private communication. It distinguishes one personal network from the other and makes sure that a private network enjoys complete privacy. It is important for a community portal to ensure residents and management complete privacy. Condo portals can also serve the purpose of databases where the personal information of clients is stored. Therefore make sure that no other unauthenticated user can access the portal. Although once purchased you can fully administer the portal on your own; it is very important to choose a condo portal that includes SSL.

3. No Cross Connection

As a vendor or the condo portal company manages thousands of portals, it is very important to prevent cross connection between two portals. One way to avoid so is SSL encryption. SSL gives unique identity to every network and a cross connection is instantly detected because of the mismatched sender and receiver identities.

Condo portals allow communities to interact with each other and with the association board via an easy-to-access platform. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection and a computer. The technology has matured over years and is now considered as an effective condo management tool.   

Wednesday, January 07 2015
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