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How Do Condo Portals Boost The Resale Value Of Your Home?

If you happen to live in a condo, then you must know about the turnaround time for each little complaint related to repairs or problematic neighbors, or any other problem. Despite having a condo board, problems may go unaddressed for ridiculously long periods of time because let’s face it, the board has other primary things to do in life. Board-related matters come much below in their priority, and are only discussed during that monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual meeting. 

One can tell when a building is in a problem. News travels fast in a neighborhood and if your building has problems pertaining to seepage or gas lines, then chances are everyone in the neighborhood will know about it. The principal of "tell 10 to tell 10" applies here as far as the real estate news is concerned. If you are thinking of selling your condo or looking to move your lease to someone else, then know that these annoying problems can become major hurdles in you trying to do so. 

Prospective buyers do ample research when they are looking for homes, simply because it is a gigantic investment. Even minor problems can tick of an interested party because the realtor will have better options for them. He would rather make a sale elsewhere and earn his commission than lose a client over a petty condo leak.

What does one do then? One goes to the root of the problem and fixes it.

How about doing away with the paperwork attached to the condo feedback between the residents and the board? Who knows who reads those paper notices near the elevator when going up and down? Does one still want to keep physical files of all bills in this age of digitalization? Whatever happened to saving trees and all?

What I am veering towards is a need for an electronic portal for the condo. A portal which will have all the requirements of condo management presented at the click of a mouse. One can file complaints, read complaints, archive them, time them and also check for progress. Any and all announcements should be sent with a notification so that they are taken seriously. No more ignoring papers on the wall or a lousy sheet coming in the mail. 

One can keep tabs of the bills coming in and whether they have been paid or not. All your condo needs fulfilled in one go. How can a prospective buyer not see the beauty in this? They not only get a great house but a convenient system to manage it. It also instills harmony among people because their issues are addressed on a timely basis and there is no more bickering about the laziness of the condo board or how inefficient they are. 

You can easily get such a portal made online through GeniePad as per your requirement. You do not need any advanced programming classes to run it. It is simple to use and highly convenient. So what are you waiting for? Go make some points with the board by advising them to have one of these!

Monday, February 23 2015
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