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Prompt Response To Residents - The Basic Responsibility of the Condo Board

The condo boards that are responsible for managing these multimillion businesses must have prompt responses to condo residents at the heart of their condo management strategies. Essentially, it is the responsibility of the board to service the condo residents in the most effective way possible, and this can only be possible when there is an active two-way communication between both the parties involved, and when the condo board promptly responds to concerns raised by the residents.

At the core, condo boards are just like miniature governments, condo board members are elected by the owners to effectively manage the condos, and deal with all aspects involved in their management. Just as the government has a responsibility to inform, to communicate, and to respond, it is also the basic responsibility of a condo board to promptly respond to the residents.

What Issues Can Arise If The Board Doesn’t Respond Timely?

Residents have to face little challenges related to their condos regularly, and for this, they feel there is a need to consult the condo board, and when the condo board doesn’t respond within a reasonable time period, it can become quite a hassle and result in frustration for the residents. Untimely responses may also lead the residents to develop a negative perception about the board members, which can be an obstacle in the development of a relation of mutual trust and cooperation between the board and the residents. 

How Will Prompt Responses Benefit The Condo Board?

It is the condo board’s responsibility to implement rules, review complaints, resolve problems, impose fines, conduct essential repair and maintenance etc. to ensure that the condos are run smoothly and efficiently, and the residents are satisfied. To perform all their responsibilities, the condo board will have to engage with the residents and maintain prompt to rightfully address the responsibilities that have been assigned to them by the condo owners. 

The Condo Act clearly spells out the responsibilities of the condo board, and it does mandate communication responsibilities on the board. The board members must hence take out the time to respond to all communication that comes their way. They must take the initiative required to solve the problems affecting condo residents that can range from anything such as building damage to reckless residents.

Condo boards can suitably hire third parties or outsource operational duties to professional companies, but that also won’t relieve them of the communication responsibilities, along with that even, they will have to participate and know all about what is happening in the condo community, and play an active role in warranting smooth governance of the condo. 

How can a Condo Board Quickly Respond to Residents

There are several ways by virtue of which the condo board can suitably communicate with the residents. They can either choose to maintain contact through text messages, calls, emails, and an effective communication system.

In addition, the condo board must ensure that important information must be provided to residents on time, and when customers send in their queries, the condo board must deal with them cordially to foster a positive relationship and an affable environment in the condo neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 06 2015
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