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Help For Condominiums Affected by Wildfire in Fort McMurray


We have been following the unfortunate devastation in Fort McMurray over the past several days. It is very saddening with the amount of homes that have been lost, and the displacement residents and community.

In the past couple of days we have seen an increase in condominiums signing up for our service from Fort McMurray and area, to bring their condo communities together and to keep everyone informed of what is happening, keep their mind at ease, and to keep them informed of what will happen in the coming months.

We are sending out a notice to as many condo management companies, board members, and influencers informing that we are offering our GeniePad services, a condo communication portal at no cost for the next 6 months to all condos affected by the wildfires.

Hopefully during this time each community will come together and slowly begin to plan the start to rebuilding their homes and lives. 

If you haven't heard of GeniePad, we provide a communication portal which helps with communication, collaboration, and access to information in condominiums. We do have a video presentation showing how we can help condos.

Just click the link below to watch this video

In this emergency you'll be able to privately and securely share any updates via email/sms/phone/online portal, share documents and information which owners will be able to use for their insurance claims, as well as let everyone within the condominium get connected and stay updated. 

To sign up for our service the process is quite quick and simple. Just click the link below and fill out a few fields 

During singup, use the Promotional Code: FORTMACHELP


Please pass this message on to as many condo board members affected by the fires, friends in the industry, and as many management companies that are or may be managing properties in Northern Alberta.

If you have any questions please let me know and I'll be happy to help.



Rafal Dyrda

1-800-274-9704 extension 701


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