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Earth Day 2011

Many companies, institutions, and people all over the world were trying to save as much of the environment as possible. From recycling, to saving electricity, to driving less, to consuming less water.

Updates to Dashboard

Updates to GeniePad condo portal software makes seeing new updates quicker and easier for condo board members and condo and property managers.

Updates to resident and user submitted messages

Managing owner and resident condo and HOA communications get much simpler and easier with GeniePad's condo portal software.

Updates to user profile page

Condominium and homeowner association residents are now able to view a history of their posts and their information in one convenient location.

CM 100 Course with Canadian Condominium Institute

A course for condominium boards that teaches the basics of running and managing a condominium is offered by the Canadian Condominium Institute.

New features coming soon!

New updates to our website and portal software that will benefit our condominium and HOA owners and residents.

New condominium website theme

A new condo software and website theme. Great for use in your condominium's or HOA's website.

We became members of the Canadian Condominium Institute

GeniePad is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute. We continue on gaining more knowledge and connection which helps us improve our services.

Our blog and updated site is live!

Hew updates to GeniePad - A website and communication portal software for condominiums and homeowner associations.