Prompt Response To Residents - The Basic Responsibility of the Condo Board

The condo boards that are responsible for managing these multimillion businesses must have prompt responses to condo residents at the heart of their condo management strategies.

Condo Disputes and Unreasonable Neighbours

Living in a condominium most often involves sharing space with others. Different living styles, customs, religions, ethnicity, ages, food, etcetera, all requires a great deal more consideration and accommodation than the privacy afforded by living in a si

How To Choose The Proper Reserve Fund Study Provider

In order to get the right Reserve Fund Study it is important to understand what you want out of it. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself.

Apartment Condo Security

Various methods are used to keep apartments and buildings secure from trespassing, theft and vandalism. Security devices, such as deadbolt locks on doors, window locks...

Changes To Alberta Condominium Property Act - Free Information Session

A FREE information session for Condominium Boards, Condominium Unit Owners and Property Managers to understand the changes that are coming to the Condominium Property Act.

How Do Condo Portals Boost The Resale Value Of Your Home?

Prospective buyers do ample research when they are looking for homes, simply because it is a gigantic investment.

Condominium Safety and Security

Safety is one of the key features of a condominium living. One of the reasons why so many families opt for a condo is that they feel secure in a condo.

Reserve Fund Studies - What Are They?

A Reserve Fund Study is a document that assesses all of the common property and the current funding of a condominium corporation.

Common Problems Condo Boards Face and How They Can Be Resolved

If you are thinking about joining a condo board, then knowing the most common challenges faced by condominium boards will help you out considerably.

Securing Condo Portals - Connect Securely to Condo Communities

As customized portals allow users to communicate with each other via various methods it is very important to select a portal that allows secure access through SSL.