Common Challenges That Condominium Boards Face

Being a member of a condo board is certainly quite a rewarding experience despite its challenges. For those who are new to the job..

Centralized Communication with Condo, HOA and Co-op Residents

There is no denying the fact that effective communication is critical to successful management.

6 Reasons That Will Convince You Condos Are Better Than Homes

Condominium units are gaining widespread attention as a much more favored alternative to single-family homes.

Why Your Board Shouldn't Be Developing A Website Themselves

A lot of condominium associations have learned that having a condo board website can significantly decrease the overall costs of administration, printing and mailing.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo

Selecting the right condominium can be tricky. Here are five questions that will help you become the owner of the condo of your dreams.

What Do Condominium Fees Pay For

This monthly fee is utilized for any development or maintenance purpose at the condo. Here we discuss what condo fees are and what they cover.

What Is The Difference Between Condo Strata HOA and Co-Op Associations

People who aren’t aware of the differences between these terms often use them interchangeably. In essence, these terms actually hold a different meaning altogether.

Consequences of Not Having a Condo Communication Portal

The owners and residents have every right to know what is going on in the condominium; and it is the responsibility of the those who run the condo

Why Are Condo Portals Useful

For a condo or strata to run smoothly, it has to be managed well. This responsibility lies in the hands of the condo board. It is the board’s duty to ensure everything runs well and that the condo members are always kept in the loop.

How to Hire a Good Condo Property Manager

A property manager is entrusted with the task of collecting common condo fees, keeping the operating records of the condo, responding to any complaints from owners and monitoring and hiring service companies.