What Are The Responsibilities Of A Condo Board Treasurer?

The management of finances of the condo board is tasked to a condo board treasurer who is a member of the board of directors and is responsible for overlooking the financial aspects of the association.

How To Manage Special Assessments

The most hated words discussed by Boards or Condominium Managers. The ugly truth is that Special Assessments are becoming more and more common.

Best Ways to Communicate Quickly With Condo Owners and Residents

Effective condo communication is the key to success when it comes to running condo boards. A lot of problems develop as a result of a lack of communication between the condo board and the members.

How to Welcome New Residents and Owners to Your Association

New owners and residents should also be educated regarding the association and what their roles as citizens are, for the benefit of the community as a whole.

What Information to Include In Your Monthly Condo, Strata, or HOA Newsletter

Circulating a condo newsletter provides an excellent means of distributing latest information regarding the activities of a homeowners association.

Should I Pay As I Go Or Fully Purchase My Condo Board Software?

Software As A Service allows users to access software using just their web browser, without having to install anything on their computer as compared to conventional software that needed to be installed first.

How to communicate with condominium, strata, Co-Op or HOA residents?

Want to create a website for your condo, strata, co-op or HOA? Find out how to communicate more effectively with the right website solution.

Information you should include in your condo or strata meeting minutes

Sample template for your condomium board meeting minutes or strata council meeting minutes.

What Are Condo Board and Strata Council Meetings For?

What are condo board or strata council meetings held for? Stop guessing and find out what happens at and during these meetings.

How To Elect The Right Condo Board

A few recommendations and ideas on what to look for when electing directors for a condominium board or strata council.