Condo, Strata, Co-Op, and HOA's fees

What are condo, strata, co-op, or homeowner association fees all about?

Live GeniePad Webinars

Join a live webinar with the founder to see a demo of GeniePad. GeniePad improves communication and access to information in condos, stratas, and HOAs

SMS Notifications - New GeniePad feature coming!

SMS NOTIFICATIONS - Our condo, strata, and hoa communication portal can send automatic sms notifications informing of emergencies and more!

Communication in condos and stratas

Boards cannot achieve proper communication without implementing effective communication tools between the board and its community of owners. Without an active community, communication will be impossible to achieve.

Friday smile

See feedback from a happy condo owner that uses GeniePad for their condo website and communication portal.

Condo Board & Strata Council Meetings

Strata Councils and Condominium Boards play an important role in keeping the strata and condo community organized and harmonized. They are responsible for management and decision-making on a daily basis.

The difference between a website and a portal

Do you know what the difference is between a condo website and condo software? We explain the difference for you here.

Monthly Condo, HOA, and Strata community newsletters.

A simple monthly newsletter for the community. It doesn’t only take lot of hard work to create such newsletters every month but it is also an additional burden to your HOA, strata, or condo community.

Website for Canadian Condominium and Strata Communities

Great websites for condo and strata communities that offer great value through intelligent design and right use of technology. When you use GeniePad for your condo website, you don’t have to learn about design, programming, setting up a server, or hosting

What should my Strata Website consist of?

The right strata website will help you build a stronger community by improving communication and collaboration with residents of your community.