Why Property Managers Should Use Social Media?

Social Media is here to stay. As a Property Manager you NEED to adapt and start utilizing these tools to your advantage. They can give you a great advantage over your competitors...

Strata, HOA, Co-Op, and Condo Website Theme

Looking for an easy way to setup a website for your strata, hoa, condo or co-op? We just released another theme you can use for free within GeniePad!

Condominium, Strata and HOA Websites

The old school static websites where only a handful of people, usually board members, can manage the content have become quite obsolete. They are rarely updated and the information posted becomes obsolete.

Do you ask your condo residents for feedback?

Asking your condominium or HOA owners for feedback is key. Make sure you listen to what your owners have to say to maintain a highly engaged community.

The Evolution of GeniePad

Think of this video as a living organism. Constantly evolving. That is what software development is. We add a little bit of functionality, test it, wait for your feedback, and if everyone is happy we release it to every single condo building using GeniePa

Why you should like condo fees

The first point is that condo fees are like saving for a rainy day. When you own property, things always come up that are unexpected. A pipe bursts. The roof leaks. A portion of your condo fees are saved for surprises just like these. When something unexp

Great photos for your condominium website

Creating a condominium or HOA website or a condo portal? Make sure you have great looking photos of your property,

New Condo Website Theme

GeniePad launches a new condo theme for your condo and hoa website software.

Effective Condominium Communication through Technology!

How effective can a condo website be for your corporation? It might be easier than you think to start effectively communicating with your condo!

Where do owners access their condominium website from?

Would you like to know what is happening at your condominium or HOA when you are away? Check out this article to see how this can be accomplished.