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In The Condo Board Survival Guide You Will Discover...

  • How To Keep Your Owners Informed and Happy with ease so inquiries, complaints and questions are reduced!
  • How To Make Sure That Work Is Completed On Time, so your condo runs like a well oiled machine!
  • How To Keep Your Board Meetings short and to the point, where your agenda isn't as long as a roll of toilet paper!
  • How To Create A Strong and Supportive Community, so the owners trust the boards' decisions!
  • ... and more!

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What Others Say About The Book

Thank you for putting together this excellent resource for new Condo Boards.

I think it should be required reading for all Condo Board members. Though Board positions are volunteer, I am learning that they require more than the average amount of knowledge or willingness to learn than most other volunteer positions. The fact that a Board is responsible for the assets of the Condo Corp is huge and can be pretty scary! If the Property Management company is not competent, and the Board is inexperienced, all sorts of issues can arise.

Your book is a great starting point for how things should be done. I've got many pages already bookmarked for ready reference!

If you ever go into the business of Property Management, please let me know. It would be great to work with someone who has integrity, knowledge and professionalism in this area.

Verinder Maan  - Board Director

Found to be very interesting and helpful for this first time condo owner and board member. My new bible going in my first AGM. You may get a few more orders!

Wayne Holender - Board Director

This is a helpful and very informative book you have written.

This is a field where most board members have little or no experience. It is most important that those who choose to serve on condo boards will read this book. Congratulations!!

I was green when I joined our board and now after 12 years have what it takes to be a good board member. This should help others gain the knowledge they need in a much shorter time.

Don Kent - Board Director

That is an excellent book. A must read for every Condo directors. The video is easy to follow. You are a very well organized person and any organization using that system will shine.

Reynold Roy - Board Director

I have just finished reading your Condo Board Survival Guide and found it to be a valuable read.

Our condo board is new and a few members have no experience on a condo board. I will pass the Guide along to them and am sure they will find it to be a concise orientation to how boards should operate.

Your emphasis on simplicity, documentation, and operating in the condo’s best interest, are key points for any board to keep in mind.

Vernon Gee - Board Director

The book was a great read - your experiences are where I am at with the condo where I live. A lot of your experiences are what I have gone through as well.

It is very informative for someone really wanting to know "what is a condo board" all about.

Jackie Schwanke - Board Director

What Others Say On Amazon

Condo Board Survival Guide Review
Condo Board Survival Guide Review
Condo Board Book Testimonial

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Why Every Condo Board Director Needs To Read This Book?
To Make Your Life & Job Easier!

Reduce Complaints

Lets be honest. Nobody wants to hear complaints all day long.

Or deal with angry owners on a regular basis. 

Or have to answer the same questions over and over again.

Wouldn't you want a strong and supportive community?

In this book you'll discover how you can make these issues go away for ever!

Ensure Work Gets Completed On Time

Most Condo Board Members and Owners complain that work doesn't get done!

This is one of the biggest problems in the condo industry. Agendas become as long as a roll of toilet paper, items are tabled with no end in sight, and the frustration just grows.

Discover what you can do to ensure that work is completed on time and there's accountability!

A Condo Is a Not For Profit Business

Running a condo corporation is like running a not for profit business. In order to succeed You need to know what you are doing!

You have to make decision, allocate funds for renovations and purchases, manage employees, oversee various projects, and more.

Many Board Directors Need Help

Most Condo Board Members do not have any prior experience as a board member.

Most volunteer with hopes to make things better in their condo association. Instead of making a difference, they show up to meetings clueless and don' know what their responsibilities or duties are. Because they're afraid to make the wrong decision.

Discover how the decision process works!

Are You Hiring The Right People?

Many times board members trust one individual on who to hire.

As a board member you need to know how to hire the right people for the job. Gain the confidence in hiring the right manager, or management company and the right vendors to do the work.

How To Run Effective Board Meetings

Board Meetings are the most important part in running a condominium successfully. However most of the time these meetings go on for ever, and ever, and ever.

Discover how to run efficient and effective meetings so they are on point and on time!

Who Is The Author?

Rafal Dyrda

Rafal Dyrda founded GeniePad in 2010, a condominium communication and management portal which helps thousands of condominiums across Canada and The United States improve communication, access to information, and collaboration within their association. After working with hundreds of condo boards, in 2017 he published The Condo Board Survival Guide book where he shares tips and advice on how to solve the biggest problems in condominiums. He is the host of The Condo Web Show, where he interviews condominium industry experts where they share their tips, advice, and knowledge with condominium owners and board directors.

He has been serving as a Condominium Director since 2007. He has been invited to the Board of Directors at CCI North Alberta on which he served five years. He served as the Chairperson of the CCI National Communications Committee and currently is the Chairperson of the National CCI Digital Infrastructure Committee.

He is involved in the condo industry and his goal is to change the industry for the better. An industry where there is trust, accountability, and respect between vendors, condo owners, condo boards, and management companies.

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