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From The Desk Of Rafal Dyrda
Kelowna, BC.
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dear Fellow Condo Board Member and Condo Manager,

The entire world including the condominium industry is in a time of uncertainty at the moment.

We are being told to distance ourselves, not to congregate, keep a safe distance from others, and to stay home by various regulatory bodies and the government.

However, as condo board directors and managers we have a duty to our owners and our condominium corporation.

We cannot put our feet up, kick back and relax.

We have decisions to make, communication to review, projects and common property to maintain, and ensure that our condominium operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

The current situation is a challenge with all the stipulations and restrictions put upon us.

Many condominium board members and managers are postponing critical board meeting and AGM's...

But you my friend... don't have to fall into the same trap as most!

There is a way you can overcome this situation and continue on running your condominium from the comfort of your home :)

on this workshop You'll discover:

how to run virtual condo board meetings like a ninja!

In this recorded workshop you'll discover how to run virtual online meetings, with your board, management, and even owners a reality.

This will not be a "look at my static text only slides with bad graphics..." presentation..

No... This is a full hands on training...

  • You will see how to do everything STEP-BY-STEP... 
  • What you need to run an online virtual meeting.
  • How you can have everyone attend your virtual meeting. Even if someone doesn't have a computer or a smartphone... But has power...
  • How to ensure everyone follows up on assigned tasks.
  • You will be able to ask questions...
  • ... and more!

Whether you or your board only have a smart phone, tablet, computer, or just a regular old fashioned phone, you all will be able to meet face to face, or voice to face to keep your condominium operations running smoothly.

I've been helping the condominium industry and condominiums improve communication, collaboration and access to information since 2010.

And today I would like to help you!

You're probably wondering.... Why should I listen to You on this topic?

my entire team works remotely, is distributed across the world, and we have virtual video based meetings almost daily!

We currently have team members in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Not only is distance a factor but time zones are a factor as well!

That's right...

We'll have a virtual meeting at 7:00 AM and some team members will be finishing their work day and it's 5:00 PM their time.

Several years ago we closed down our physical office in a nice downtown location as our team decided to test working remotely for a year to see how things work out. 

We had to come up with innovative solutions to maintain not only the level of service that everyone was used to, but also maintain the energy and culture of the entire team.

This was supposed to be a test for one year... One year turned into two, two years turned into three, and we're all still working remotely to this day. Our team even grew over the last few years!

And over all these years we were able to maintain the same level of service and support to our clients, customers, and members.

So we know a thing or two about running a company and meetings remotely and virtually.

We have face to face meetings with our team every week, at times several times per week, without being in the same location.

Talk about "social distancing"... We take "social distancing" to the EXTREME!

It's not hard to host your board meetings virtually. If you can use email, type on a keyboard, or make a purchase online, you're set my friend.

And in this FREE WORKSHOP I will show you how!

Would you like to have a meeting from the comfort of your... Home, office, hotel, car, beach, toilet (NO! Forget the toilet),  without actually meeting in a physical location? Then request the video below!

who is your workshop HOST?

Rafal Dyrda Author

Rafal Dyrda has been a board director since 2007 and founded GeniePad in 2010, a Condominium Success System which helps condominiums across Canada and The United States improve communication, access to information, and collaboration within their association. After working with hundreds of condo boards, in 2017 he published The Condo Board Survival Guide book where he shares tips, advice and strategies on how to solve the biggest problems in condominiums. He is the host of The Condo Web Show, where he interviews condominium industry experts where they share their tips, advice, and knowledge with condominium owners and board directors.

He has been serving as a Condominium Director since 2007. He has been invited to the Board of Directors at The Canadian Condominium Institute. He served as the Chairperson of the CCI National Communications Committee was the Chairperson of the National CCI Digital Infrastructure Committee, and now is the Chairperson of the National CCI Marketing Committee.

He is involved in the condo industry and his goal is to change the industry for the better. An industry where there is trust, accountability, and respect between vendors, condo owners, condo boards, and management companies.



You will walk away from this workshop with the confidence and tools required to run a virtual condo board meeting with your board, manager, and even owners!

To ensure this became a reality, during the LIVE WORKSHOP I spent three hours answering everyone's questions.

However you my friend, will not have to endure the entire three hours :) We have edited this video and only kept the best from the workshop and made the video one hour long.

Did I mention that this workshop is FREE? That is correct. I will not be charging you for my time and you don't have to pay any webinar registration fees.

Zero Risk For You!

Why am i doing this?

I gained a lot of skills and knowledge since becoming a Board Director in 2007.

By diving deeper into this industry than I ever thought I would, I was able to build a new business and help thousands of people across Canada and The United States improve communication, collaboration, and access to information in their condominiums.

I am grateful for meeting fantastic and dedicated board members and professionals that were and are trying to improve this industry and helped me along my journey. 

In times like right now, where we are told to distance ourselves from others, our duties as condo board directors or managers still need to be fulfilled.​

We need to help each other!

We cannot take "time-off" and put our feet up. Tens and at times hundreds of owners depend on us and our decisions.

As they say... The party must go on.. ​

We as condo directors and managers need to continue with our duties to ensure that our condominiums are running smoothly and efficiently.

This is why I am volunteering my time and giving back to the condominium industry.

So don't wait, hesitate, or think about it because honestly, with a guarantee like you saw above, there's nothing really to think about...

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!


Rafal Dyrda
Author, CEO & Founder, Speaker, Show Host

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