Build a stronger community by giving your owners and residents a tool to communicate.

Would you like your owners feedback before the next AGM or board meeting? Now you can!

Condo Message Forum & Classifieds

Let your residents and owners communicate openly. You'll be amazed at the responses and help you will receive. 

GeniePad has facilitated an unprecedented level of communication between Board members and residents. Finally, it has built a sense of community within the building, as residents can connect and discuss building-related issues. GeniePad is a great tool, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly!

Kent McKay - Owner - Board Member

How can we help you?

Residents will be a part of your community

Most of the time residents don't know their next door neighbour and feel disconnected from their community. With a message forum everyone will be able to communicate openly. Residents will be able to ask for help or advice, and others will be able to provide advice and help. Lost your wallet or key? Need someone to help you replace a light bulb? Looking for a good plumber? Just ask your community

Build trust and credibility

At times the board or council could use some advice and feedback before the next AGM, board meeting, or a special meeting. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask your owners and residents for feedback right away? Perhaps you are renovating your gym and need advice on what equipment needs to be replaced? Perhaps the board is thinking of upgrading the security system and would like to see how everyone feels about the additional expense?

Keep your property clean from classified notices

Are people posting items or services for sale throughout your property? Is your property starting to look like an advertising agency? With GeniePad you can post a classified online, every resident will be notified, and it will be easier to sell your items or services. Keep your property clean!

Administrators have full control time & money

Administrators have full control of the message forum. They can edit or delete posts and comments, talk with everyone openly, as well as remove an individuals rights to post in the message forum if their posts get out of control.

GeniePad has made living here a whole lot easier in a lot of ways, and I hope that more people sign up and take part in the greater online community that has blossomed for people that really care about where they live. I know my neighbours more.

Scheherazade Showleh - Owner