Website for Canadian Condominium and Strata Communities

Why Canadian condominiums and strata communities need a website

Since the condo trend is on the up in Canada, condo communities need to stay connected with its residents. With a condo community, it is easy to lose the direction. Think of a situation where a condo community needs repair or improve its gym. How would a board of few members be able to decide for the entire community without seeking opinion or suggestions from their community of residents? Similarly, plenty of other instances require a condo community to have some kind of a website. is a great place to get your condo website. Condominium websites are unlike real estate sites. A Condo or Strata website does not have to sell any kind of products but it has to be a place for communication, sharing of information, and keeping an eye on the condo community issues. After all, we all are owners of our properties, and should be aware of what is happening around us. With services offered by, you can easily have a website that gives you all these features and yet looks elegant and professional at the same time. 

For condominium communities in Canada, having a good condo website plays a big role. Since condo communities are modern communities, they will require central access to information about the condo community. People hardly have time to join a lengthy meeting just to stay up to date with the happenings in their association. However, with the right condominium website, you can get everyone involved instantly without having to ask anyone to come to a meeting, or mailing out countless of notices.

With a website, you can expect to have excellent communication between everyone, whether owner or a renter. The community will be able to interact and get all the information from a central source. Residents will no longer have the need to visit the ugly notice board to read about important issues and decisions taken by the board. All they have to do is to visit the website and read the latest news. But with GeniePad, they won't even have to visit the website, as news announcements are automatically delivered to their e-mail inbox. Condominium websites are also great for sharing information with everyone in the community. This can help in situations where a condo community wants to share information about a particular cause to help spread awareness. Sharing information about upcoming events can also become easy with the help of a condo or strata website.

How can we help you with your strata or condo website

We offer professional looking websites for condo and strata communities. Our websites will offer great value through intelligent design and right use of technology. When you use GeniePad for your condo website, you don’t have to learn about design, programming, setting up a server, or hosting. You don’t even have to hire a web designer. Our simple to use backend system will help you to add content and new pages on the fly. It is as simple as writing an e-mail. 

GeniePad offers an innovative solution which replaces your sticky notes and phone calls. When using us as your condo or strata website, you will easily setup your community online with just a few clicks. We let you share documents, create message forums, keep track or issues and tasks, and more!