Monthly Condo, HOA, and Strata Community Newsletters.

Is a monthly or bi-monthly condo newsletter the best investment of your time?

Are you still creating monthly newsletters for your community?

Managing a condo or strata community can be tough, especially when you are using traditional methods to manage it. Take the example of creating a simple monthly newsletter for the community. It doesn’t only take lot of hard work to create such newsletters every month but it is also an additional burden on HOA community resources.

HOA, condo, or strata communities can still stay up to date without a monthly printed newsletter. GeniePad for example offers an alternative solution to newsletters.

Condo Newsletter alternative

When using GeniePad as your condo, strata, or HOA communication portal, you don’t have to worry about printing, sending or delivering physical copies to everyone in your community. By using the News Announcements feature, you can quickly and easily create or edit announcements, and as soon as you save them everyone in your community will be notified automatically. Talk about instant news delivery!

Not only will everyone in your community be notified of the announcement, but this news or event announcement will be saved on your portal. This provides the residents with the ability to search and read older announcements. You won't have a need to compile all the important monthly news and announcements into one monthly publishing. Just think of the time and money you'll be saving each and every month!

With our HOA, strata, and condo community communication portal, you can easily manage all news. Here is how it works

  • The main News Announcements page will show all recent news and event announcements
  • You can easily search all announcements posted on your portal. Enter a search term and then click search to see the results. 
  • To see the complete news announcement, you just have to click on the title of an announcement. The full news announcement will open instantly.
  • You can add new announcements by clicking couple of buttons and entering your text. Formatting the text is as easy as in Word or your email client. You can format the content using standard formatting such as making text bold, underlining it, or even changing paragraph settings. You can also create headings, change the font color, and even format paragraphs.
  • Editing news announcements is as easy as creating new ones. Have you ever printed out countless of copies to be delivered and then found a mistake? Well, you either had to fix it, or just send out the printed copies as they were. Editing is a simple as changing some text and saving the announcement.
  • You can also delete news announcements and make them disappear.
  • You can also change the privacy settings. If you want to keep news announcements private and visible only to your residents, hidden from the public, you have this option.

Our solution provides you with the tool to speed up the process of informing your community and residents when you have the need instead of monthly. It saves you countless work hours as well as printing costs.