What Information to Include In Your Monthly Condo, Strata, or HOA Newsletter

Condo Newsletters

Circulating a condo newsletter provides an excellent means of distributing latest information regarding the activities of a homeowners association. Whether it is published online on your HOA website, or distributed among the owners and residents in the form of printed copies – it offers a great way to keep members on the same frequency as the board members.

You should ensure that you do not miss out on important and relevant information regarding the actions of a condo board. Always keep in mind that a condo newsletter should include what has happened, or is about to happen, that would affect the owners’ welfare.

You should include the following information to make your newsletter more enlightening for the owners and residents:


You should have a dedicated section for news; this section should contain latest information about your members, the association itself and the local community as a whole. You can also give the newsletter a personal touch by including announcements, such as the birth of a baby in the condo. Other announcements could include:

  • Meeting date and timings
  • Planned or undergoing maintenance work status
  • Reminders about rules and regulations

Care should be taken not to publish anything of personal nature without first acquiring permission from the concerned individuals.

Provide Easy Access to Association’s Documents

If your newsletter is published online, then it would be a wise idea to include links to other reference documents, such as CC&Rs. This would reduce the printed copies as more and more people would have access to the internet, thus you would save considerably by going green.

Information about Amenities

You should include information about any new amenities or services that are available in the condominium. A dedicated section could hold all this information, including the status of current amenities and schedules of maintenance or repair work.

Messages from the Board of Directors

A strata/condo newsletter will give the board of directors a great opportunity to reach out to the members and have their say. This will give the newsletter a more personal feel.

Interesting Articles

Who wouldn’t like to read any interesting articles that have a picture here and there? You could ask your members to contribute by writing for the newsletter. These articles could range from housekeeping tips to automobile maintenance tips. The association members may even want to share delicious recipes – just for the purpose of keeping the newsletter interesting.

Financial Information

It wouldn’t hurt to share the current financial status of the HOA. This section could include the incurred expenses on any on-going or planned projects. This would further make the newsletter more informative and useful for all the residents of the condominium and keep them enlightened on the expenses of the association.