Best Ways to Communicate Quickly With Condo Owners and Residents

Most Effective Communication Options For Condominiums

Condo communication, phone, email, sms, text messagingEffective condo communication is the key to success when it comes to running condo boards. A condominium comprises of three major types of members; firstly, there are the owners who live in the condo, then there are those owners who are absent as they may live in other countries, lastly there are those tenants who are renting from absentee owners. The common thing about these three types of people is that all three need to be kept in the loop as regards to the affairs of the condo.

A lot of problems develop as a result of a lack of communication between the condo board and the members. The most common complaints from the members are that:

  • They aren’t kept aware of what is going on in the condominium as regards to any development work
  • The board is secretive or does not provide sufficient, transparent information

Once these questions start to sow in the minds of the members; a lack of trust follows which could then lead to disruptions in the smooth running of a condo setup. In severe cases, a law suit could be filed against the condo directors and staff. To avoid all these issues in the first place, it is necessary to carry out effective condo communication between both the parties.

Ways to Communicate with Members

Printing announcements, newsletters and reports can be an expensive way of communicating with the members. It is also not very practical and less efficient, especially when communicating with out-of-the-country owners. The best way, that is far more efficient and quick, is to use GeniePad’s communication portal that offers numerous instant communication features, such as:

1. Automatic Email Notifications

Using email to communicate with members is the fast and reliable way to send newsletters, invoices and notices. All should be done with just a click of a button. Add new content or create an announcement and everyone should be notified automatically. This can be accomplished with GeniePad’s automatic notification system.

2. Instant Text Messaging (SMS)

For more important or emergency updates, such as reminders about dues, a text message can also be sent to the cell phones of owners and tenants. This is an excellent way to bridge the communication gap between the condo board and the members and is more of a personal nature. This also solves the problem when you have owners or residents without access to e-mail.

Automatic Phone Calls

Automated phone calls should be used during emergencies, such as fires, water shutdowns, or other notices when owners and residents must be notified immediately. You can accomplish this really easily with GeniePad. Just type out the message you would like to pass on to your owners or residents and GeniePad will call each person and read your typed out message.

Public Website

A condo can easily have its own website where everything from newsletters, notifications, reminders, latest happenings, development status and fee reminders can be placed. This information can be easily accessed by the condo members at their own convenience.

Booking of Amenities

If your condominium setup requires a prior booking for access to certain amenities, then this can be made more efficient and convenient for both the board and the condo owners and residents. Through the GeniePad portal, all residents will be able to browse through the available amenities and review information regarding availability, fees and any other details and book a slot from the comfort of their homes.