Managing Complaints in a Condominium

It is the responsibility of the condo board to keep the condo civilized by maintaining peace and handling issues in a professional way. A good condo board will keep in touch with the residents to help solve their problems. However, when the board is unable to implement effective communication strategies, it cannot handle complains and issues arising in the condo.

Let’s find out what a condo board can do to improve communication to handle complains in an efficient way.

Be Open to the Residents

A good condo board opens up to the residents about the condo laws and regulations. Moreover, an efficient board listens to the residents and handles their complaints. The board should be able to maintain decorum within the condo and help the residents follow the rules without causing inconvenience. Communication shouldn’t be done once only, but the board should continue to interact with the residents regularly. This practice will not only keep the residents satisfied, but it will also keep the board out of major problems.

Creating a Platform for Communication

A successful condo is the one in which the board members are eager to connect with the residents. This can only happen if the board applies effective communication strategies that include creating a website and a message portal. With the advancement in the digital technology, it has become easier to connect, communicate, and interact with the residents.

So, choose a platform that your residents are most likely to use to convey important messages and too help solve residents’ problems. These communication portals allow the board members to stay updated with the problems arising in the condo.

Handling Complains Efficiently

A good condo board should always keep its residents as its first priority. The board members should be able to handle complains before anything else. Residents are very sensitive about their problems and once they tell the board about it, they expect it to be resolved quickly. The board members should respect the residents and should listen and resolve their problems without causing a delay.

The members should be trained to handle complains in a professional way. Not listening to the complaints, ignoring the residents, and arguing with them is not a good way to settle things.

How can a Condo Communication Portal help?

Whether you want to spread the word about a condo event or you want the residents to share their problems, a communication portal will help you communicate effectively. The purpose of a communication portal is to help people socialize and connect. So, if you think your condo management is falling apart, make sure you get on a platform to connect to the residents. Communication portals are extremely interactive and allow people to share pictures and messages. This type of a platform is perfect for handling the residents’ complaints, issues, and problems.

You can also opt for traditional ways like sending out a automatic SMS/Text notifications or automated phone calls. No matter what platform you choose to communicate with the residents, make sure you give priority to their complaints and help resolve issues immediately.