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Managing Complaints in a Condominium

It is the responsibility of the condo board to keep the condo civilized by maintaining peace and handling issues in a professional way. A good condo board will keep in touch with the residents to help solve their problems. However, when the board is unable to implement effective communication strategies, it cannot handle complains and […]

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How Residents Can Contribute To A Condo Building

How Can an Owner Or Resident Contribute?Living in a condominium comes with its own set of advantages. These include the liberty of cleaning, maintaining and repairing the exterior of the building, amenity spaces and landscaping along with others. You also get to be a part of a community and can socialize with the neighbours. Benefits of […]

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Why Condo Residents Need a Communication Portal?

Why Condominiums and Condo Owners Need Communication and Management Portal?A communication & management portal is the secret to effective communication between condo board and condo residents, because it makes it easier for the residents to reach the condo board to convey their messages, complaints, and queries. Indeed, stories of troubled condos are quite hackneyed, just because […]

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The Rules of Conduct of a Strata Corporation

What Does a Strata Council Do?Before buying a unit for yourself in a strata, you need to stay aware of the fact that everything regarding the strata’s management and policies is looked after by a strata corporation which is established specifically to do all of this work. To help you out in understanding the role […]

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