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Apartment Condo Security

How Effective Is Your Condo Security?In this guide the reader is provided with information about loss control issues. The guide is not a substitute for a thorough loss prevention assessment. In those situations where there is a concern about issues raised in this guide the reader should seek professional advice. Apartment style condo building security is […]

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Reserve Fund Studies – What Are They?

What Is a Reserve Fund Study?When I tell people what I do for a living, I explain first that I love my job. It incorporates so many different aspects of being outside, doing tons of math, talking to people and educating them. What do I do? I prepare building component and financial audits for condominium […]

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Common Challenges That Condominium Boards Face

Being On The Condo Board Can Be Challenging and FrustratingBeing a member of a condominium community’s board of directors is undoubtedly a fantastic experience. However, the position does come with its share of burdens. For starters, disagreements and delinquencies with condo owners on the property are routine issues experienced by the board. Of course, other […]

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