Why Condo Residents Need a Communication Portal?

Why Condominiums and Condo Owners Need Communication and Management Portal?

A communication & management portal is the secret to effective communication between condo board and condo residents, because it makes it easier for the residents to reach the condo board to convey their messages, complaints, and queries.

Indeed, stories of troubled condos are quite hackneyed, just because they suffer from governance and financial troubles, that could have been solved easily but weren’t, because of the lack of an apt and effective communication portal in place. 

What Benefits Can A Communication Portal Possibly Have?

A good communication portal is thus the solution to many of the issues that are faced by condo residents. There are little challenges that affect the lives of condo residents time and time again. If the condo board tackles all of them in a timely manner, it would be able to ensure well being and lifestyle of the condo community. To tackle all the issues on time, and be able to develop a proactive approach, it’s important that the condo board implements such portal.

A communication portal can essentially help create a sense of community, foster an encouraging and open environment, and help to establish trust between the residents and the board.

What Problems Can a Condo Communication Portal Solve?

When a condo has no adequate communication in place, board members and condo residents won’t be able to share their issues, and there will come a point when frustration levels of the residents would peak, yet they would be a standstill about what to do. That is why efficient condo boards are implementing effective communication portals to ensure good governance.

Moreover, one of the most frequent complaints made by residents is that they are unable to get sufficient information from the condo board members. This gives rise to problems related to lack of transparency as well, is not a positive harbinger for the board, and may also lead to negative news about the condos.

What Should The Communication Portal Be Like?

Board members may not realize, but information is important for all the condo residents, regardless if they are an owner or a tenant. Some may actively seek it and some may not, but all of them need to be informed about important matters related to the condos that they live in.

Condo residents are interested in getting information about the steps taken for routine maintenance, service repairs, daily operations, fire alarms, about obtaining insurance, garbage chutes and parking rules, and other important matters such as protecting the value of the property, minimizing risk, and obtaining insurance. This is essential communication, and a communication portal will ensure that all the old and new members have access to such information at all times.

The communication portal will not only enable two-way communications between the board and residents, it will also help authorities in resolving problems just when they arise and also not place undue load on the condo board. 

An efficient communications portal is not a requirement – it’s a need to ensure sound management of the condo and to cultivate a positive environment for the condo residents.